About in\error

In early 2020, vocalist Jesse McGivney and guitarists Neil Finch & Dawson Llewellyn met through close friend/producer Clayton Blue. It became apparent soon after meeting that the three had very similar views when it came to musical goals, aspirations and sound direction. About a month after first meeting, Neil and Dawson joined Runaway - a band formed in 2017 by vocalist, Jesse. Soon after guitarists Neil & Dawson joined the project and multiple songs were written, it was decided that Runaway no longer fit the sound and message they were trying to embody going forward - which is when in/error was created. The SLC, UT band released their first single “Caving” on New Years 2021 followed by two more singles "Give it Up" and "Spiraling". You can find the three singles along with four more tracks on the bands upcoming debut EP "Death by Design", available December 10th, 2021. Keep tabs on in/error because they are "currently on track to reach sonic heights and be a force in the recording industry" (AMWorldGroup).

Jesse McGivney


Dawson Llewellyn


Jake Pannell